The Language Preservation Project

A Movement to Reverse the Trend of Language Loss Across the Generations

Welcome to our community!

The Language Preservation Project is your guide to passing on heritage language and culture to the next generation. More than just a project, we are a movement to reverse the trend of language loss across the generations.  We support families and educators in recognizing and leveraging the strengths of their own culture and heritage language and then using this to raise and teach multicultural and multilingual children.

  • Are you a Latino/a/e/x caregiver who knows Spanish (from beginner to fluent) and wants to pass that language on to your children? 
  • Are you an early childhood educator seeking a culturally sustaining curriculum that supports Spanish language and identity development?   
  • Are you interested in sharing and teaching your children about their Latinx culture? 
  • Are you excited by the idea of creating a multilingual and multicultural family or classroom but not sure where to start? 

The Language Preservation Project is your guide to starting and sustaining the journey of raising and teaching multilingual and multicultural children! 

While all of the curriculum and activities at The Language Preservation Project currently focus on the Spanish language and Latinx cultures, we hope to expand to other languages and cultures in the near future.

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Vero and Anton at the Beach

Hola, I’m Vero.

I’m a Harvard-trained doctora of education with several years of experience in creating meaningful learning environments for children. I’m also a heritage Spanish speaker, raising trilingual children. When I became a mother four years ago, I knew that I wanted to raise my Mexican-American-Danish son to feel connected to all parts of his rich heritage through language and customs. I grew up with Spanish in my home, but I was far from fluent. I wasn’t sure that I would be successful at passing along a language that I didn’t speak fluently, but I felt such a strong connection to the Spanish language and Mexican culture that I naively moved forward with my plans. It was hard, but I persisted and leveraged all of my knowledge about early childhood development, learning science, and curriculum design to create a multilingual and multicultural home for my son. Four years later, I successfully raised a son who speaks two languages fluently (Danish and Spanish) and is emerging in a third (English).


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